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How to become Pro in Yu-Gi-Oh #1: How and When to use Maxx "C"

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How to become Pro in Yu-Gi-Oh #1: How and When to use Maxx "C" Empty How to become Pro in Yu-Gi-Oh #1: How and When to use Maxx "C"

Post by DragonMaster99 on Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:22 am

I am going to be writing a series of Yu-Gi-Oh articles, its going to include advice and tips on how to become pro in Yu-Gi-Oh in various aspects. Please note: I am not claiming that the following is 100% my work. I have expressed my views on content and also collected material (summarised the key points) from the net. Sources available.

#1: How and When to use Maxx "C"

Maxx 'C" is a tech card that is a staple in top tier tournaments.

Maxx "C" Picture

Maxx “C” is a simple card that can be tough to use. By sending Maxx “C” from your hand to your Graveyard during either player’s turn, you can draw a card for each monster your opponent Special Summons that turn.

The best way to use Maxx “C” is to Chain it to an opponent’s effect that Special Summons a monster. That way, you’re guaranteed to draw at least 1 card with the effect of Maxx “C”. Chaining the effect of Maxx “C” to the effect of a card like Treeborn Frog, Monster Reborn, Junk Synchron, or Debris Dragon, will instantly net you a card, replacing the Maxx “C” in your hand. Then, if your opponent wants to use his newly acquired monster in a Synchro Summon, or Special Summon any other monsters that turn, you’ll be able to draw even more cards with Maxx “C”. That puts your opponent in a tough spot, where he’ll be forced to decide whether he should cut his losses and end his turn with the one Special Summoned monster, or press on and let you draw more cards that could lead to his eventual demise.

You can also use Maxx “C” on your own turn, before attacking a monster like Dandylion, XX-Saber Emmersblade or Super-Nimble Mega Hamster, each of which has an effect that Special Summons at least 1 monster to the field. This way, you get to draw cards on your own turn, and immediately put those draws to use.
Some Duelists like to pitch Maxx “C” from their hands before an opponent even attempts to Special Summon any monsters. That way, if the opponent tries to perform a Special Summon that doesn’t use the Chain, like the Special Summon of Cyber Dragon, Chaos Sorcerer, Grandmaster of the Six Samurai, or Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan, the Duelist who sent Maxx “C” from his hand to his Graveyard can still draw a card for each of those Special Summoned monsters. Unfortunately, this can be a risky play. Most opponents will only Special Summon monsters after you pitch Maxx “C” from your hand if they’re able to defeat you that turn. Otherwise, they’ll be willing to wait until their next turn to unleash all of their Special Summons, and you’ll have lost your Maxx “C” without drawing any cards.

Keeping this in mind, Maxx “C” works well in Decks that use cards like Battle Fader or Swift Scarecrow that can be used to end the Battle Phase. If your opponent decides to make all his Special Summons anyways in an attempt to defeat you this turn, drawing either of those cards can turn your opponent’s Duel-winning drive into a delightful disaster.

Since Maxx “C” only has 500 ATK, you can also Special Summon it from your Graveyard with the effect of Debris Dragon. With Dandylion now Limited, it’s harder to reliably get Dandylion into your Graveyard so that you always have a monster to Special Summon with Debris Dragon’s effect. Fortunately, the Level 2 Maxx “C” gives you another option to Special Summon. By Tuning Debris Dragon with Maxx “C”, you can instantly Synchro Summon Iron Chain Dragon. Add another monster into the mix, and you’ll be able to make a higher-Level Dragon like Black Rose Dragon or Stardust Dragon instead. Maxx “C” can also be Special Summoned from your Graveyard by the effect of Junk Synchron, allowing for an instant Level 5 Synchro Summon.

Since the effect of Maxx “C” can be activated from your hand, it’ll be hard for your opponent to see it coming. That makes it a great card for disrupting your opponent’s plans. With some skillful use of Maxx “C”, you can set up your plays and get ahead of the competition!

This card is worth $30-40. It is simply a MUST have card for EVERY deck/side. 99% (probably 100% but leaving room for fun decks) of decks involve special summoning.

Although this card is very powerful, it requires a certain amount of skill to play it correctly. I'm frustrated by noobs who waste this card, you can tell the skill level of a player by watching how he plays Maxx "C".

Details on vs'ing specific decks:

Rescue Rabbit and Dark World

Both of these decks are new to the metagame and I’ve lumped them together because playing Maxx “C” against them is fairly straightforward. Against both decks it’s a good idea to play Maxx “C” on Tour Guide if Sangan has already been used. If Sangan is gone, they are much less likely to bring out another Tour Guide or Broww and just end their turn. If Sangan is still in the deck, they can simply bring him out and end, making Maxx “C” a one for one. If they end after bringing out Broww/another Tour Guide, Maxx “C” has stopped them from making Leviair, and bringing back Rabbit and making an XYZ or bringing back a Dark World and bouncing for Grapha.

Outside of Tour Guide in Rabbit you’re primarily going to just want to use it on the Rabbit itself. They are almost guaranteed to XYZ with the monsters they bring out, which gives you a plus 1, which is especially good considering you will definitely need to use more than 1 card to kill the XYZ that they bring out.

Outside of Tour Guide plays in Dark World, you are going to want to use Maxx “C” pretty much only when they have to bounce for Grapha. Remember Grapha doesn’t start a chain so you can’t Maxx “C” when they return he Dark World to their hand. This means you are going to have to Maxx “C” when they summon the Dark World. If you play Maxx “C” and they don’t have to bounce, you just took a negative with it as they can just end. Going back to the earlier example, if you have Caius and they summon Broww, they are going to have to bounce so that their Broww does not get run over.


Plants are not quite as straight forward in playing Maxx “C” against them. Let me go ahead and clarify one move that is often made against Plants when you have Maxx “C.” When they summon Lonefire and use the effect, you don’t want to chain Maxx “C” here. They will simply get Dandylion and end their turn. Instead, go ahead and let them get their Dandylion and chain Maxx “C” to the Monster Reborn or Call of the Haunted when they target the Lonefire. At this point, they can continue with their play and let you get a gigantic plus or end and risk the Lonefire being run over.

Obviously when they summon Debris Dragon and target Dandylion, you should play Maxx “C.” Another good time is when they have Tengu and summon Lonefire. This shuts them off from their end play of a 5, an 8, and a Tengu while still replacing itself or it gets you a big plus.


The main use Maxx “C” has against Agents is as a defense against Venus into Gachi plays. There are two main arguments. One that says you should use Maxx “C” when they pay the first 500. The second says that you should allow the first Shineball to hit the field and play Maxx “C” when they pay the second thousand. This is almost ensures that they will make Gachi Gachi and give you a plus off of C. There is no universal answer to this question and it depends on whether or not you have an answer to the Venus.

Let me give an example: Your opponent went first and started by summoning Venus and using the effect. You opened Thunder King Rai-Oh and Maxx “C” as 2 of the 5 cards you can see. In this case, I would play Maxx “C” on the first 500. You are not as likely to get a plus since they will probably stop after the first 500 and end with a Venus and Shineball. The alternative to this would be play Maxx “C” on the second 500 and they will probably make Gachi Gachi after that. The problem with this is Gachi Gachi makes Venus 2000 and your Thunder King is only 1900. If you play Maxx “C” on the first 500 and they stop after that, you can still use Thunder King to run over Venus.

The converse to this would be if you can deal with the Gachi Gachi and Venus play. Perhaps you opened with Cyber Dragon and Maxx “C” as 2 of your 5 cards. In this case I would play the C on the second 500 since they are more likely to continue with the Gachi play and give me a plus. The difference this time is that I can deal with the Gachi play as my 2100 attack Cyber Dragon can run over the pumped up Venus.

When to Play Maxx “C” as a One for One

If you are main decking the maximum number of Maxx “C”s, you are going to open with at least 1 about 45% of the time. This means it is pretty likely to draw it when it may not necessarily be ideal to have it in your hand. These times are going to be when you are playing against decks that do not special summon a lot. Against these decks you are going to want to take what you can get. For instance, when Gravekeeper’s flip their Spy or Heroes play their Miracle Fusion, don’t hold out for a plus that will never come. Let Maxx “C” replace itself as a 1 for 1 in these matchups.

Another time is when you are in a winning position against a deck like Agents. Past the Venus plays, Maxx “C” doesn’t have that many uses against Agents. If you are in a position where you are going to win on the following turn unless they play Hyperion/Kristya and you have Maxx “C” in hand, go ahead and play it at the start of their turn. Since you can’t respond to their summon with Maxx “C” and still draw for that summon, there’s no reason to not play it and take the one for one. If they don’t have it, you took a minus, but you win the next turn anyway. If they do have it, you got the most you could out of the card.



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