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Member Titles and Colours

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Member Titles and Colours Empty Member Titles and Colours

Post by DragonMaster99 on Thu Nov 10, 2011 12:23 pm

Member Titles:

Newbie: 0 Posts
Junior Member: 25 Posts
Member: 100 Posts
Senior Member: 250 Posts
VIP Member: 500 Posts
Elite Member: 1000 Posts

Staff Positions:

Senior Moderator

NOTE: Some Judges are also Moderators. Their name remains yellow to make them more noticeable to members. Also, the Head admin has the most permission on the forum.

Special Staff Positions:

Chatbox Moderator - These staff members are granted special powers in the chatbox. They can clear the chat, kick members, ban members and unban members. If you catch a chatbox mod misusing this power contact an Admin.

Chatbox mods have an "@" symbol by their name and will most likely have a coloured name.

NOTE: Mods cannot ban/kick mods. Only a staff member of higher position can kick them. Admins can kick mods, but mods cannot kick admins.


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