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Complete Site Guidelines

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Complete Site Guidelines Empty Complete Site Guidelines

Post by DragonMaster99 on Sat Dec 10, 2011 4:19 am

Complete Site Guidelines

[I.] Moderators:-

1. What to expect from the moderators

The role of a forum moderator is much like the one of both a security guard and a janitor. We simply make sure the forums stay neat and orderly. The moderator position is voluntary with absolutely no compensation. Think about that when someone says we’re not “doing our job”. We just do what we must to make sure the forums stay clear of anything or anyone that shouldn't be here.

2. What the moderators expect from you

All we expect from the users of this site is to read and abide by the rules. It’s as simple as that. We don’t ask you to obey us; we don’t ask you to like us. Just follow the guidelines set for the forums, and you’ll never have a problem with us.

[II.] The Basic Rules:-

1. Spam

A spam post is a post that does not contribute any useful information to the original post. If you’re going to post on somebody’s thread, please do take the time to type more than a few unhelpful words; put some thought into your posts. You also make yourself look better in the process.

2. Double posts

You may not post twice in a row within a space of 5 minutes. Bumping is included.

If you accidentally double post, copy and paste the 2nd message and edit it into your 1st post, or notify a moderator to remove it. If a moderator stumbles upon your double post, it will either be deleted or merged into your last post, and you may receive an infraction or warning.

3. Profanity

Rude words are censored on this forum, nonetheless the use of said words is not allowed. Using words in a hateful manner (Racist, Sexist, etc), or in a questionable context are to be monitored at the Moderator's discretion. The forum is aimed at a "PG-13" attitude and will be enforced as such.

4. Old threads

If a thread has not been posted on for more than one month, its a dead topic. Posting in these threads is known as necro posting and is not allowed.

There are exceptions to this rule, these include:

Discussion threads (for updated info, unless they are really old)
Ruling threads (the topics that can merit further queries)

5. Flaming

Insulting members on this forum will not be tolerated. If you have hard feelings towards a post, send the member a personal message (PM), or PM a moderator who will assess the situation and make a final decision. Discuss the issue with the member off this site if needed.

6. Advertising

Unless you have expressed written permission from DragonMaster99 (Administrator of this site and Leader of Team Apocalypse), you may not post an advertisement/link for another site, store, TradeMe/eBay link, etc. This refers to those links/ads that are intended for commercial use, and does not include those that provide tournament information information, etc.

7. Impersonation

Impersonating any member, person, staff member, official position or 'other' is against the rules. This will result in a ban. MOD (or similar) is not allowed in your title/signature, at all.

8. Multiple accounts

You are allowed only one account (unless you have special permission from an administrator). If you are banned, you must serve out your sentence. If you make a second account, the second account will be banned.

9. Administrator decision

Administrators reserve the right make final decision regarding any issue, this will be determined as a case by case basis. Administrators are able to overrule moderators. This is not limited to bans or deletions of accounts which pose any form of threat to the site.

The moderator staff reserves the right to add to or take away from the rules whenever necessary.

[III.] Features of the forums:-

1. Avatar and signature

Avatar= An image displayed next to all your posts, above your username
Signature= Space for adding images/text of your choice, automatically displayed under all your posts

Users are allowed an avatar and/or signature.
This is a privilege and moderators reserve the right to remove those that are deemed inappropriate.

2. Posting Comments

Adding replies to an original post in a thread. While this seems obvious, it is the main purpose of a forum. This is subject to the rules.

3. Rankings

A person's rank is displayed under their username.

Member Titles:

Newbie: 0 Posts
Junior Member: 25 Posts
Member: 100 Posts
Senior Member: 250 Posts
VIP Member: 500 Posts
Elite Member: 1000 Posts

Staff Positions:

Senior Moderator

4. Infraction System [Under Construction]

5. Forum Name Changes

You are allowed to apply to change your forum username. This is at the discretion of an administrator.

[IV.] Additional guidelines:-

Here is a list of additional guidelines you will need to read before posting in that particular area.
[Under Contruction]
Ignorance is not an excuse.

[V.] Suggestions:-

If you have any suggestions for improving the site or for the moderator team, please post on the Feedback threads found in the site's feedback section.

Thank you from the Team Apocalypse forum staff.

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