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Post by DragonMaster99 on Fri Nov 11, 2011 4:21 am

Welcome to all the new members of Team Apocalypse, I hope you will have a fun time trading, chatting and dueling. Very soon we hope to get a youtube account up and start uploading videos, openings etc.


- No spam or trolling posts in our hidden forums
- Be nice, friendly, and polite at all times
- All information discussed in the hidden forums is to be treated as confidential (may contain sensitive info, eg members decklists and card tech) unless stated otherwise
- Complaints against members by other members or members of the community are treated seriously and action(s) may be taken against the offender(s)
- You will not do anything to give the team or its members a bad name/reputation

Things We Will Do (Suggestions Welcomed):

- Duels
- Pack Openings
- Competitions
- Tournys
- DN stuff


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