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Rulings FAQ

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Rulings FAQ Empty Rulings FAQ

Post by DragonMaster99 on Fri Nov 11, 2011 4:22 am

Note: Do NOT edit this post without authorization.

Here is a List of Brief and Concise Rulings, written by me (ongoing project).
Feel free to quote these for DN, or whatever.

Use Ctrl- F to search for Rulings.

Q: Are Ranks the same as Levels?
A: No. They are completely different. XYZ's are not affected by cards like Gravity Bind.

Q: Can you synchro with XYZ's or vice versa?
A: You cant synchro with XYZ's, as they dont have a level. You can XYZ with synchro's.

Q: Can you XYZ/Synchro with tokens?
A: You can synchro with tokens. You cannot XYZ with them, because tokens can only be on the field, XYZ material are not considered to be there.

Q: Can you bottomless trap hole Gorz?
A: No. This is because only certain cards can be activated in the damage step (counter traps, effects that change atk/def [directly], mandatory monster [trigger, flip] effects, quick effect monster effects that negate the activation of another card/effect)

Q: Can you Solemn Gorz?
A: You can Warning Gorz. You cannot Judgment Gorz. This is because Judgment only negates inherent summons. N.B. Judgment can negate s/t that ss (eg Starlight Road) as it can negate s/t themselves. Also, Judgment is similar to Thunder King Rai Oh in negating ss.

Q: Battle Fader vs Skill Drain?
A: Battle Fader works under under Skill Drain; the effect of Battle Fader which Special Summons it and the effect which ends the Battle Phase are resolved as the same effect. The effect activates in the hand, so the effects of Skill Drain will not negate the effect even though Battle Fader is Special Summoned, so the effect which ends the Battle Phase will still be applied.

Q: Stardust vs Skill Drain?
A: Stardust works under Skill Drain; Skill Drain only negs effs, not the activation of effs, so Stardust acts by tributing itself, its no longer face up on the field during resolution, and hence can not be negated by skill drain.. N.B. The same goes for others, eg Hand of the SS, Lonefire, etc

Q: Debris Dragon vs Skill Drain?
A: Debris's eff that ss is negated, however you still can not synchro for a non dragon type synchro as that part of the text is a condition, not an effect, hence it cant be negated by Skill Drain.

Q: Trap Dustshoot vs Quick Play Spell?
A: Depends. If it was mst, AND the player uses priority, bringing their hand size to 3, then dustshoot's activation was not fulfilled, so its eff fizzles. However, if the mst was chained, not acted using priority, then dustshoot still works. Nonetheless, for other cards (eg book) it would depend on the judge examining the field, as you would not normally act book during draw/standby phase, and/or book/econ/whatever your own monster.

Q: Can you reborn BLS-Envoy?
A: Yes, as long as it has been properly summoned (ie the summon wasn't negated). As per semi-nomi rules.

Q: If I send Darksoul to the grave multipe times, do I get the eff multiple times?
A: No, it no longer stacks, due to it being errata'd. Also it now activates during the end phase.

Q: If I synchro with TG's do I get its eff to search?
A: No, 'sent to grave' and 'destroyed and sent to grave' are two diferent things.

Q: Do I get TG's eff to search if it gets warning'd?
A: No, negate the summon= never hit the field. (ie it was never sent from the field to the grave)

Q: If my TG is no longer there during the endphase, do I get to search?
A: No, it activates during the end phase, if its no longer there that means that there is nothing to activate.

Q: If tengu is returned to hand, do I get to ss?
A: Yes

Q: If tengu is returned to the deck do I get to ss?
A: No

Q: Can Stardust miss the timing?
A: Yes, if the last chain in the link is a mandatory eff that does not destroy a card
eg 1 Broww
2 Grapha
3 Beige
Activate in Order: 1,2,3 Resolve in Order: 3,2,1

Q: Can you use stardust that was ss by starlight road?
A: You can use its eff to negate. However it wont come back during the end phase; nor will you be able to monster reborn it.

Q: Can you icarus using a face down monster?
A: Yes

Q: If you attempted to special summon, but it was negated, can you act Pot of Duality?
A: Depends on the type of special summon and what negated it:
A) Attempt to SS= No
B) Activation of eff to SS= Yes
C) Effect to SS= No
A) A manual synchro/XYZ summon
B) Flip effect of GK Spy by Warning
C) Flip effect of GK Spy by Shadow Imprisoning Mirror

Q: Mole vs Catastor?
A: Mole always wins.

Q: Can you discard a LS monster with Lumina's eff to ss itself?
A: Yes, as long as you have another LS monster in your grave before you discard.


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