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Mr. Room

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Mr. Room Empty Mr. Room

Post by Mr. on Fri Jan 27, 2012 3:32 pm

Once you open the door, the glamourus feeling of the Odin dorm, with its wide hallways and large rooms vanishes, and you stumble in a small room , that seems to breathe the essence of dust. But after the first inspection you notice that the room is not as small as you thought, cause not only its walls are covered with bookshelfs, filled with with folders and well...books, but also the middle of the room is packed with shelfes that even block of the bed expect for a small hole on the headside. Crammed in all this is a small workbensh, featuring a even smaller fridge for no apparant reason, and a lot of unorganize notes, papers and small mettal parts. That is why you rather find me in the common room with my laptop and a mug on the table.

Fav card: Black Garden (edit)
Deck(s) running atm: Reality conflux, Fish, Anicient Gear, whatever else i am in the mood for
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