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darkdragonduelist's Test Results

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darkdragonduelist's Test Results Empty darkdragonduelist's Test Results

Post by Fubu-King on Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:32 am

Tester: Fubu-King

Tested Member: darkdragonduelist

Tester Deck: Ninja Stun

Member Deck: Dark/Fiend Deck

Result: Fubu-King wins 2-1


Deck Build: 3/5

I understand what you were trying to do and it was an admirable attempt, but you deck worked more as a temporary stun and while it had a few good synchros, it took way too long to get them out.

Knowledge: 4/5

You understood what was going on most of the time, but asked some simple ruling questions (Not going to take off points for that because you seemed to know what you were doing; just reinforcing).

Strategy: 3/5

I know that you had/mentioned there was no choice available (in summoning you monsters), but summoning them to be taken away is not a good option. And because you did not have the best synchro summoning system, you were trapped and left with only a temporary stun deck.

Side Deck: 0/3

No side deck (You should have at least a few cards in order to change things up a little bit), but your deck was well adapted (and there for is okay without it)

Edited by DragonMaster99: I'm sorry, but you cant get any marks for the side deck section if you did not have a side deck at all.

Rulings: 0/6
None Correct.
Ruling Questions were tested by: DragonMaster99

Total Score: 10/24

Tester Comment: You just need to improve that deck by adding more consistency.

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darkdragonduelist's Test Results Empty Re: darkdragonduelist's Test Results

Post by DragonMaster99 on Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:51 am

Member moved to Loki Lapis Lazuli on: 28 January 2012

Member can re-test on 28 February 2012

Member must re-test by 28 March 2012



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