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My irl deck - MUAHAHA malefics >D

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My irl deck - MUAHAHA malefics >D Empty My irl deck - MUAHAHA malefics >D

Post by shorca on Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:56 am

So pretty self explanatory, since I want to share my decklist with you guys.

monsters: 14

3x malefic cyber end dragon
3x malefic stardust dragon
3x thunder king rai-oh
3x doomcaliber knight
2x ancient gear gadjitron dragon

spells: 15

2x forbidden lance
2x MST
3x shard of greed
3x terraforming
3x geartown
2x necrovalley

traps: 12

1x d prison
1x bottomless traphole
2x solemn warning
1x solemn judgement
3x dark bribe
3x skill drain
1x TT


1x number 39: utopia
1x number c39: utopia ray
2x chimeratech fortress dragon
3x stardust dragon
3x cyber end dragon

side deck:

3x cyber dragon
2x dimensional fissure
1x dark hole
1x smashing ground
1x MST
1x forbidden lance
1x bottomless traphole
2x compulsary evac device
1x d prison
2x gozen match

any ideas or constructive critism welcome. side deck needs work though.


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