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New Initiative: Recruiting Rewards

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New Initiative: Recruiting Rewards Empty New Initiative: Recruiting Rewards

Post by DragonMaster99 on Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:13 am

As most of you are aware, members are an important part of an Academy: they ask questions and convey their opinions in a variety of Yu-Gi-Oh related issues, and hopefully, in the process, everyone learns from each other. New members are especially valuable as more people means different ideas which potentially creates creativity.

Due to DuelingNetwork's new rule of no advertising for Academies on duelnotes, recruiting has become a lot harder. Now users have to duel and befriend strangers, in the hope that the opponent will be interested in joining the Academy.

That is hard work. We acknowledge that, and as a result, the Administration Team has decided to introduce a new initiative: Recruiting Rewards. This is simply a way for the Academy to acknowledge and reward those who recruit new users.

How it will work:

New users post in a special thread (Here) the name of their referer.

After the new user has been successfully tested, the referer will receive 10 points. *


Making multiple accounts to abuse this system is strictly forbidden, can be easily traced, and will be punished.

Spamming DuelingNetwork in any way in order to gain recruits is not allowed. If any user is found to give the Academy a bad name, he/she will be punished.

* Points are a virtual "currency" members can "buy" forum goodies (e.g. custom avatars & signatures, deck lists, etc). More info to come.

Effective 1 February 2012


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