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Different Dimension Burn Deck

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Different Dimension Burn Deck

Post by Mamit43 on Thu Feb 16, 2012 6:10 am

3-D.D. Scout plane
3-Lava Golem
3-Miracle Jurassaic Egg
1-Morphing Jar
3-Royal Magic Library
3-Tyranno Infinity

3-Different Dimension Capsule
3- Inferno Tempest
2-Soul Absorption
3-Upstart Goblin

2-Call of Haunted
3-D.D. Dynamite
1-Jar of Greed
2-Ojama Trio
1-Brainwashing Beam
1-Just Desserts

This deck's most needed cards are Lava Golem, Inferno Tempest and Different Dimension Dynamite,
As for Back-up you have Tyranno Infinity and Brainwashing Beam, with Ojama Trio for Stalling.
I though about taking out Different Dimension Capsule and replace it with Gold Sarcophagus, but if i do, it doesnt have the "D.D." sense in it.


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