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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: CDA & TZR - [The Zero Requiem] New Relationship

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: CDA & TZR - [The Zero Requiem] New Relationship

Post by DragonMaster99 on Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:23 am

Today is a date that lives in infamy...

Crimson Dragon Academy [CDA] and its administrators have entered into, of their own free will, an memorandum of understanding with The Zero Requiem Academy [TZR] and its administrators. TZR was started by a member of the CDA senior staff and many CDA staff are also staff at TZR.

The Zero Requiem Academy is an orthodox academy, with similar features from other academies. There is a new, fresh dorm system, duel points, duel arena, and role play features.

Therefore, I highly recommend you make an account at The Zero Requiem [TZR]:

Of course, if you have any new ideas or suggestions, there is the chance to convey them.

You can find me on TZR under the same username.



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